The Angel on Strat’s Shoulder

Your generosity can help reverse an incredible injustice.

On June 18, James and Angela Faire journeyed to the 20 acre “Sour Dough” property in Tonasket they had saved from waste at the request of Michele St. Pierre and Richard Finegold.

They didn’t know they were targets. They just knew that they had been slandered and they were going to remove their belongings from the property to leave forever.

But they walked into a trap set by a professional confidence operative (with many aliases) we’ll call just “Debra.” Debra had slowly isolated Michele and Richard, had acquired control of all Michele’s real estate and needed to get rid of James and Angela to acquire the “Sour Dough” ranch still in Richard’s name.

Once on the property, not knowing they had been intentionally framed as “squatters,” James and Angela were ambushed and surrounded by Debra’s gang, led by a 300+ pound thug whipping a loggers chain, apparently trying to kill them. Though armed and very capable of taking down the thug, James instead forced his way out with Angela in the truck, unintentionally running over “Debra” and hitting her 300+ pound thug.

Even though Four eyewitnesses deny it​, they are now falsely accused by gullible Okanogan County officials, not only of the original frame (“squatting”) and theft, but of murder. The Sheriff, incredibly, made false statements to the news media to help the case along.

An innocent man in jail.
Wildly excessive bail.
No income earned while he waits
His family now in dire straits.


3 thoughts on “The Angel on Strat’s Shoulder

  1. I knew Debra for 15 years, the names listed were NOT ALIAS’.
    that’s simply yellow journalism. I know her enire life story, her relatives and children. She was an honest woman. She inspired passion in people, and trust. The bail amount was NOT unconstitutional, that term is used to inflame passions and prompt donation. ZShame on you.


  2. “Timoti,”
    When a person uses different names concurrently, for whatever purpose, that person is using aliases. The use of the term itself is not pejorative.

    Perhaps you would care to share with readers Debra’s “entire life story,” or your own identity, instead of the alias you used here.

    Excessive bail (an amount in excess of a figure beyond a reasonable expectation of being posted) is prohibited by the 8th amendment to the United States Constitution (1791), depriving the “accused” of liberty prior to a trial and verdict. This was proven in James Faire’s case by the court’s action in reducing his bail.

    If Debra was an honest woman, why did she specifically lie to numerous individuals, and to James and Angela, when she told the couple that Michele St. Pierre was still alive, when in fact she had died more than fifteen hours earlier?


  3. She used the name James, for the sake of her children, it was their last name.. made things easier in school.. that is all.. I was there when she made that choice.. not for any nefarious reason what-so-ever. about Michele, I don’t know, neither did you.. maybe there was no lie, maybe she was protecting someone..or honoring the wishes of Michele..?? neither you nor I know that answer.

    Typical, try to divert from the truth by casting dispersion on others..
    The bail ws NOT unconstitutional or unprecedented.. I am using my real name..
    and.. even IF anything you claim about Debra were true..
    Faire still killed her… no dispute.. that was not justified, not even you have suggested that it was.. You only attempt to divert the real issue of murder….
    shame on you.

    it is just an objection by someone..


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