Thanksgiving Card Bomb

peanut thanksgivingThanksgiving is James Faire’s favorite holiday of all!

What a perfect time to flood him with well wishes and notes of support.

Remember that the holiday mail crush has already begun, so mail your cards and letters early.

James Faire
149 North 4th Street
Okanogan, Washington 98840

Guidelines for your greetings: write about normal life, give him a “picture” of your landscapes, the weather (yes!), your work, your commute, your critters. AVOID asking him or commenting about the case, please, espcially avoid venting your frustrations about the process of “justice,” and avoid name calling of officials.

DO express your support for Strat and your belief in him. If you pray, tell him so.

This is a quote from a recent letter Strat sent to a friend: “Receiving a letter is most prized, it is a life saver restoring hope.”

Remember that your letters and cards are subject to being read by jail staff. Place your return address INSIDE your card or letter as staff apparently tear off return addresses from envelopes.

thanksgiving dance


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