Seattle/King County September C4L

On June 25 the Seattle Times published another example of their outrageous POLITICAL PROPAGANDA. Including hate speech, at least EIGHT blatant lies and two paragraphs on Doug Parris and the Reagan Wing, the article openly attacks James and Angela (Strat and Angel) Faire to add to the public campaign falsely incriminating them.

campaign_for_liberty_logo_white_w_black_background_button-r99ffbc9e8c1249fbbbc64f2fbd640362_x7j3i_8byvr_1024Never Before

MONDAY night, at the September 14 meeting of the King County Campaign for Liberty,

Doug will tell the story the evidence proves: the innocence of Strat and Angel, and reveal evidence never before published.

Venue: (map)

7 – 10 pm

Razzi’s Pizzaria
8523 Greenwood Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98103