Who is James Faire?

James is the youngest of  Forest and Virginia Faire’s five children. He comes from a line of “first responders.”

His grandfather was what passed for a paramedic in those days at the Sunshine (silver) Mine in Kellogg, Idaho. His  father ran the volunteer fire departments ambulance service in Skykomish when Jim and his siblings were small children and Jim was the “go to” guy in their neighborhood all the time they lived there, according to his older brother Mike. Forest was an automobile mechanic while the family lived  on a small farm just outside of Monroe, Washington.

James has been employed as a millwright or worked for himself in automotive or heavy equipment repair, all of his working life. In the tradition of Americans, James would help out his neighboring farmers to fix something broken, not charging them for his services. The Faire  farm and neighboring area in Monroe is prone to flooding from the Skykomish river. During such times, James ran neighbors to and from their property via boat, without charge.

James has always been a respected member of the Snohomish county community and has devoted many hours volunteering  for candidates for office who shared his commitment to the principles of limited government and sound money that are the foundations of our nation. He is known amongst his friends and acquaintances as a deeply and well read man, a student of our founding documents, beginning with The Bible, as well as being knowledgeable about the uses of  plants and herbs for medicinal purposes. Many are the friends whose comfrey plants came from the Monroe farm.

Self-reliance runs deep in his heritage. In 2013 James moved to Eastern Washington’s Aeneas Valley in Okanogan County, where he began to realize a dream of living away from the bustle of the west side and working to live off the grid.

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