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Write to and send permitted items to James Faire:

James Johnathan Faire
Okanogan County Corrections Center
149 4th Ave
Okanogan, Washington 98840

Visit James Faire. Those traveling from a long distance (120 miles +) may visit anytime except 11am – 1pm.
Local folks, please telephone the jail for hours: (509) 422-7230

Okanogan County Corrections Center
123 5th Ave
Okanogan, Washington 98840

Faire Fight Foundation
General Delivery

600 Front Street
Lynden, Washington 98264-9999

Karl Sloan
Okanogan County Prosecutor
237 4th Ave N, Okanogan, WA 98840
(509) 422-7280 (not a direct line)

Detective Kreg Sloan
Okanogan County Sheriff Office
123 Fifth Avenue
Okanogan, Washington 98840

MacDougall Prince, PLLC
(Public Defenders Contracting law firm)
116 Queen Street
Okanogan, Washington 98840

Michael Prince:

Kelly Seago:

Phone:     (773) 895-5319