Radical Bail Reduction

Blockbuster News on the Faire case.

Okanogan, WA

Doug Parris, Investigative Reporter



Reports out of Okanogan on the special hearing, today, for James Faire are still not complete, but we know that on the issue of the amount of bail, the Court reduced the amount from the unconstitutional three quarters of a million dollars down to $150,000 and AS WE PUBLISH James is being released. 

Supporters  scrambled, post-hearing, to make bail on his behalf.

James “Strat” Faire’s freedom is a major breakthrough for the efficacy of his defense. He will be able to hold conversations without the continued illegal government wiretapping. He should be able to be with his wife and participate in his own defense. We do not know what stipulations or restrictions might be a condition of bail.

The windfall reduction is, itself, a tacit admission of the impropriety of the original (illegal) bail amount as well as an apt demonstration of the inefficacy of the Okanogan Public Defender.

Today’s hearing was specifically to address the Motion to Reduce Bail, one of several  motions new private counsel Stephen Pidgeon filed with the court February 10th. Those motions and notices are listed below.

Faire – Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

Faire – ORDER to Issue Writ of Habeas Corpus

Faire – Notice of self defense

Faire – Motion for Bill of Particulars

Faire – Motion for Bail reduction

Faire – Writ of Habeas Corpus

In SIX MONTHS, while James Faire endured physical, legal, and financial abuse, held hostage by corrupt County authorities, without an attorney,  The Okanogan Public Defender failed to even attempt ANY of this.

White RoseThere is no question that this would not have been accomplished, without the generous donations of James’ supporters. We don’t feel authorized to release the names of individuals, but would particularly like to commend significant help from The Order of the White Rose. All donors’ gifts have enabled the focus on public opinion that has turned this corner. County authorities are being brought to recognize they are being held accountable for their actions. Your ongoing support will enable that process to continue, on James behalf, for the cause of justice.


(To avoid PayPal fees, checks can be mailed to Faire Fight Foundation, General Delivery, 600 Front Street, Lynden, Washington 98264)

Link to “the rest of the story”: The Devil on Sourdough Road; The Faire Frame and 

False Charges


3 thoughts on “JAMES FAIRE RELEASED!

  1. Strat was released on bail with the following conditions: Electronic monitoring, no firearms, and prohibited from getting within 10 miles of Richard Finegold’s residence. Omnibus hearing is scheduled for early March where petition for Habeas Corpus will be considered.


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