On MLK day: Letter from the Okanogan Jail

BibleThose of you familiar with “Gulag Archipelago” or the other accounts from behind the Iron Curtain … innocent men suffering at the hands of an evil ruling regime… will find something very familiar in the expression of love and faith and gratitude we received from James Faire around Thanksgiving.

James is an innocent man, unjustly imprisoned, but more than that, undergoing illegal treatment at the hands of his captors… as if he were held in North Korea or by the Viet Cong.

Jail Visiting with text

Nevertheless, he has written, some would say eloquently, in thanks for what his supporters have done and are doing. Let us share some excerpts…

… from James:

Greetings & Salutations… my dear and generous friends… in Jesus Christ.

 From what I can gather from inside this Jail cell (which is not much) the Prosecution is going to trial for Murder 1 No Deals.

 Some days are very hard in here…

Other days are impossible without faith in Christ Jesus. I wear 4 layers and still suffer. I feel so sorry for the poor folk that do not have long underwear to help with the cold. Showers here are torture to me although my other c-tank inmates complain as well.

 Please send/let everyone know how much they are loved & appreciated by me. THANKS

 Peace Grace Love Joy Mercy

 Sincerely James Faire


Birmingham Jail cellIn sending this along, we’d like to quote something written by another innocent man, also jailed by politicians (but far away in Birmingham, Alabama). Writing on April 16, 1963 he said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

That is just as true today as the day Dr. King wrote it.

Say a prayer for James, today, but just as important, pray to break the power of injustice that holds James and others in its grip. James’ suffering is for a much larger purpose. May we prevail.

May God save America.


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