Turning a Blind Eye to Justice

Okanogan County Prosecutor Sloan’s
Mission to Convict At All Cost

By Edward Snook & Doug Parris
Investigative Reporters



Karl Sloan, Okanogan County Prosecutor

Okanogan County, WA – Facts are pesky little things – especially when they go against what a prosecutor would like to maintain as the truth when seeking a conviction. Some, like Okanogan County’s elected prosecutor, Karl Sloan, discard readily available facts – like those the US~Observer provided his office – for more prosecution-friendly investigative speculation and distortion – with which he was provided by his brother, Kreg Sloan, chief case Detective for the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Department. As of October 6, 2015, Sloan and Sloan, together, have knowingly and intentionally kept a factually innocent James Faire locked in the Okanogan County Jail for nearly four long months. Sloan and Sloan have more than turned a blind-eye to the absolute proof that Faire and Angela Nobilis are completely innocent of the criminal charges filed against them on June 19, 2015. Moreover, each has overtly skirted the law as it affects their duties.

The Absurd and False Charge of Murder

In what could only be described as an assault on James and Angela, James (with Angela) attempted to flee in their truck from a physical confrontation brought on by George Abrantes, a madman wielding a weighted chain. Prosecutor Sloan holds conclusive photographic proof of this assault in evidence but has ignored it.


Abrantes’ Black Lock Chain Weapon and damage his attack did. {Police photos}

A point of interest is that had James Faire really wanted to kill anyone, he could have easily used the pistol he pulled to temporarily keep Abrantes, and others, at bay when he was first confronted and outside of his vehicle, so that he could get back inside the truck and leave. Instead, Faire showed restraint and was obviously only interested in getting away from this violent individual and his fellow instigators/conspirators. Sloan holds proof, in the conspirators’ own statements (contained in police reports), of the conspiracy to entrap and falsely accuse James and Angela. The group of attackers surrounded them, and Abrantes lashed the chain against the truck and windows, doing extensive body damage to the truck and breaking glass. As a direct result of Abrantes’ assault and perceived threat to his own life and that of his soul mate, James accidentally and unknowingly ran over Debra Long (who was also on the attack) with his truck, killing her. Jame’s truck also struck Abrantes (who James was turning to avoid, but Abrantes had stepped back toward the truck as he continued to smash it with his chain).

If you were blocked in by a group of out of control people would you plow forward through them to get away, or would you try to back up and move forward, “turning your steering wheel sharply to the right,” trying to avoid everyone while still trying to get away? If you were interested in killing, you’d just plow forward (or use the gun you had available), and this simply wasn’t the case with James Faire. What happened was an unfortunate accident, resulting from an act of absolute self-defense. It was brought on by the pre-meditated actions of the conspirators, not the frightened pair who were simply trying to get away from the violence being wrought against them.

A majority of the facts in this case were outlined in two articles published in the last edition of the US~Observer. One titled, “Escaped with Their Lives, Then Charged with Murder –The James Faire Story.” The other, “The Conspiracy to Frame James Faire – The Power of ‘Trust’.” Both relate the story of a conspiracy to assault, and/or entrap, or kill James and Angela after a common friend of theirs had died.

But, all of this evidence is being ignored, and James Faire is still sitting in jail. Why? Is it because Prosecutor Sloan is covering for his detective brother’s incompetent investigation, which led to the murder charges to begin with? Or, is it that he really believes the statements of a group who committed crimes and conspired to bear false witness against the real victims, James and Angela? Or, and most likely, given the fact that Okanogan Sheriff Frank Rogers went on KREM television (to all citizens of Okanogan County) immediately after the incident, claiming that James and Angela were squatters, thieves and basically murderers, the evidence Detective Kreg Sloan “gathered” had to prove that theory out? Or could it be as simple as Prosecutor Karl Sloan covering for both the Sheriff and his bother, due to the fact that they all work together in the conviction business?

Whatever scenario or combination of them is applicable, justice is not being done, and the citizens of Okanogan County should be deeply concerned as Prosecutor Sloan is rapidly proving the many accusations we have received against him to be true. One caller stated, “They have their own brand of injustice in Okanogan County.” Another stated, “[prosecutor] Sloan is protecting his brother’s [Detective Kreg Sloan] incompetent investigation. They have done this numerous times in the past.” And yet another stated, “Faire will never get a fair trial up there. His public defenders have far too many cases – they will never give this man the proper legal assistance.”

The deceptions of the Sloan/Sloan investigation/prosecution are too numerous to fully list. Here are some key facts:

  • When the sheepish Richard Finegold (the “property owner”) was interviewed on June 17, the investigation allowed other proven conspirators to literally put words in Finegold’s mouth, setting up James and Angela as squatters, engaged in trespass.
  • The entire case and investigation are based on false “trespassing” and theft allegations. The day after the gang’s assault, however, a “remorseful” Richard Finegold admitted, in writing, that his parroted statement (claiming James had no permission to be on the property) was false, and he included documented proof that it was false, yet the investigation and prosecution has totally ignored it, by keeping Faire incarcerated.
  • Richard Finegold, aided by several of his cohorts, over the course of their collective collaboration, collected, seized, embezzled, or stole the personal property of at least seven separate parties (including James and Angela), from items such as furniture he liked, to vehicles. The personal property is reportedly worth more than fifty thousand dollars. To date, Sloan and Sloan have engaged in de facto collusion with Finegold to allow him to keep it, in open violation of RCW 7.69.030
                                                                             “Acquired” property (Sheriff’s photos)
  • When James and Angela’s computers were magically “found” in Richard Finegold’s car, the investigation seized them, but did not charge Richard with the theft.
  • Investigators failed to examine a cell phone belonging to one “witness” – Ruth Brooks –that had been used to make a video recording of the assault against James and Angela. Even when it was discovered that another witness knew about the recording AND knew that Ruth Brooks had withheld that she had been recording – she was not charged for withholding evidence and no warrant was obtained to search the phone.
  • Case investigator Sloan showed no interest in the only witness to the assault who was not a participant, neither a personal friend of the conspirators, nor the defendants. He was ignored the day of the incident. He was even ignored after phoning in a week later to offer testimony, and when he finally showed up the day of the arraignment and walked into the sheriff’s office to offer the most complete and unbiased view of the events, KREG SLOAN LIED ABOUT HIS TESTIMONY ON THE RECORD.

One would think that the  attorneys for James and Angela would be raising hell over this injustice, however, this is not the case – they have remained silent. In fact, James’ court-appointed attorneys, Myles Johnson and Michael Prince, have not even possessed enough ethics to date to visit him in jail! If the justice system in Okanogan County possessed any semblance of accountability, ethics, or conscience, both of these incompetent attorneys would be disbarred immediately. We believe Faire should fire these court appointed attorneys.

The “jury” is still out regarding Angela’s court-appointed attorney, Melissa MacDougall. She has communicated with her client and we are aware that she has an investigator working the case. At the end of the day, all attorneys who have been appointed to James and Angela will have their efforts or lack thereof presented to the public.

The US~Observer has been informed that Faire’s family and supporters are working to raise the funds to hire an attorney who will provide effective counsel for at least James.

As for Prosecutor Sloan, perhaps the public deserves to have a new publicly elected prosecutor, one that is interested in facts and justice, not just convictions. And, Prosecutor Sloan can rest assured that the US~Observer will be right there for the remainder of his tenure in public office holding his feet to the proverbial fire, showing the public just how far from justice this man strays.

Prosecutor Karl Sloan’s legacy is beginning to read like that of Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong. Nifong’s reputation is now infamous because of his attempted false prosecution of the Duke University lacrosse team members back in 2006. Nifong attempted to prosecute on false and manufactured rape charges, while Sloan is attempting to prosecute James Faire on a false and manufactured murder charge. At this point in time the only difference between Nifong and Sloan is the fact that Nifong was disbarred and Sloan remains a member in good standing with the Washington State Bar Association.

Please read the above referenced articles:

“Escaped with Their Lives, Then Charged with Murder –The James Faire Story

“The Conspiracy to Frame James Faire –The Power of ‘Trust’”

More detailed information and ways to materially and otherwise support James Faire are at the following Faire Fight Foundation sites:




Contact the Faire Fight Foundation if you would like to book a live presentation of this dramatic, fascinating case.


2 thoughts on “Turning a Blind Eye to Justice

  1. I’m calling out all patriots to get off their collective butts and do something to help James “Strat” Faire. I’ve known Strat for about 20 years, he’s a close friend of mine. He’s a devout Christian and a patriot. But yet the patriot community IMO has abandoned him. I do not say this lightly, but let’s get real. Those on the left don’t leave their guys behind when they’re down but for some damn reason we seem to walk away when we have a man down! Those on the left will support all of their guys. For us, out of sight, out of mind! It amazes me that all of the militia weekend warriors will go to weekend FTX’s and will beat their chests and talk about how patriotic they and won’t do anything to help Strat. They will leave a man down like he doesn’t exist. That’s what the Administrators on all of the patriot websites have done to Strat. The man is innocent but yet everyone avoids him like the plague! Strat is having a status hearing tomorrow at 8:30 AM at the Okanogan County jail court room. He needs YOUR support. We NEED boots on the ground. We need to show the prosecutor and judge that we are watching their every move. If you’re unable to make it to his hearing tomorrow at least donate to the Faire Fight Foundation inside the link that is posted above. Speaking of donations, just think of all the people who spent money to go to Roseburg but never spent one cent to help Strat! If eveyrone could part with $25 or $50 or more it would help. We need money for an attorney and funds to keep Strat’s comissarry account funded. The jail has contracts with different entities who see prisoners as a captive audience to be exploited. It costs $15.00 for a prisoner to make a phone call! Basic necessities such as soap, toothpaste etc. cost about 4 or 5 times as much as what you would pay for it at your local grocery store. For example, a small 1.5 oz bag of sunflower seed is $5 bucks! You can get a 2.5 oz bag of sunflower seeds at 7-11 for 99¢ !!! Obviously there must be some kickbacks some where but you get my drift. We have a man down and we don’t want to leave him behind. He’s one of us. He’s like your brother, your father, your uncle, your cousin, he is a patriot and he’s part of your family. Get off your butt and help him out! “RANT OVER!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have sincere concern for your friend. My family and my brother have spent every dime we could get together to continue to fight for justice for my brother who is also innocent and being held in Okanogan County Jail under the same illegal tactics being used on your friend. His right to speedy tiral has been violated over and over. His bail is of a number that has never been seen and his charges do not elevate even clsoe to murder, His bail $650,000.00 He has been held 6 months. Last week the judge realized the charges the bail was based on were dropped before he was ever taken in to custody, dropped the bail to $550,000.00 it took 5 months to get the judge to understand and Sloan, knowlingly used them every month to deny a bail reduction. We have received confirmation that essentially the right to a speedy trial, for all intent and purpose no longer exists. Every month Sloan asks for and gets an extension, based on nothing except it is what he wants. He waits until the day before the trial is to start, keeping hope alive util the last mintue. Your friend is lucky to have you, my brother is lucky to have us. My brother has lost a job he had for years. He is a professional, a father with full custody of his son since he was two years old. He is a homeowner. He has had to now draw out the last of his retirment in hopes he can keep his home and continue to pay all of his bills until we can get this over. His son has had a birthday, the holidays and summer days they spent camping, or boating or just talking and laughing together have come and gone. The motorcycle rides. The evening meals and homework time have come and gone. His football season is over, last year his dad coached, this year he never even saw one. His father has been his foundation for as long as he can remember. His son now 12 cries each day. My mother will be 90 this month. She does not undersatnd what happened to the son that came three nights a week to stay with her. Her health and especially mental health has declined, she is in a nursing home now. Each day my brother wonders if he will see her before she is gone, physically or mentally not know he is there. The really sad and angry part of all of this is your friend and my brother are only a fraction of the victims of Okanogan County and Karl Sloan. Until it happens to them peole do not seem to care. I will keep your friend in my prayers, please do the same for my brother.


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