When an Innocent Man Sits in Jail

[Originally published at TheReaganWing.com July 26, 2015. Updated & used by permission.]

He can build anything out of anything

He can build anything out of anything

When an falsely accused man sits in jail, as does James Faire in Okanogan County, there is very little for him to do. The jail library has little to offer a man accustomed to study. There is nothing for the hands of a man skilled in making and doing, restoring and repairing, to do.

Waking and sleeping, grooming and eating are regimented … a man’s choices become virtually nonexistent. And his social contacts … are restricted, monitored, his freedom to meet or call a friend … gone. He waits … he waits upon his friends outside …

You can shorten this man’s wait and help fill his days. Below you will find the list of jail approved items that James Faire may receive at the jail. This is a man who loves to read—NONFICTION! Please note that personal mail is on that list — yes, letters! Magazines and newspapers are on the list and subscriptions to such are allowed. Please note that it appears to take about 8 – 10 days for mail from the west side to reach James. Be aware that his mail will be opened and read before he receives it.

OK Cty Jail Inmate gifts


Please take note that the telephone system is extremely expensive.

Inmate Telephone and Commissary Service

This is part of the Okanogan “Guilty until proven innocent” system. They charge about $1/minute for James to call out, so monies put on his account would always be welcome, as would funds deposited to his commissary account. (Please note these are funds outside of the current Faire defense fund.) Every dollar you contribute to James’ personal needs is a dollar that doesn’t have to be spent in this period of  James Faire’s court-forced unemployment.

You can send items to:

James Johnathan Faire
90359 sp
Okanogan County Corrections Center
123 5th Ave
Okanogan, Washington 98840


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